Friday, January 2, 2009

The heart wants what it wants. Even if what it wants is pale, robotic and emotionless.

I once knew a girl in college who was 25 years old and in love with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Her other major fictional character crush (actually from girlhood) was Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I understand that one. I mean, he WAS really smart. Plus, he always had such control about him--always so cool and collected. I guess that had something to do with him being a robot, but still. So, I think it would be fun for everyone to reveal his or her inappropriate or embarrassing celebrity/fictional character crush. See the Inappropriate Crushes Anonymous livejournal for inspiration.

Soooo, anyone have a thing for Sheriff ANDY TAYLOR? Uh, I know--HOT! He was always so good with Opie and Aunt Bea--what a man! PLUS, he wears a uniform all the time! HELLO, people! *nudge nudge* You feel me? Yeah? ...Whatever. You should probably know that lying a lot raises your blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

I've had to memorialize one of my embarrassing crushes in sketch form.

Oh yes, the Grifter from Image comics back in the nineties. I don't care if he's fictional. HE IS HOT! :)

Emmy said...

I concur. I think it's the jacket--the long trenchcoat. SO FLATTERING.