Monday, October 27, 2008

More Joy of HSN.

Oh, HSN! You never disappoint! Check out Handbags by Sharif. AND, there's video, of course:

To me, these bags look like something that might appear in one of those little girl dress-up trunks you can get now. You know the ones I'm talking about--the ones that come with sequin tube tops, lace gloves, tutus in three colors and plastic kitten-heeled slides. Also, I love how HSN feels that a major selling point of these bags is that they have a lot of HANDMADE ACCENTS. Hello, people! Handmade does not equal beautiful, okay? I mean, lots of ugly things are HANDMADE--just think of those macaroni pictures you used to make for your mom in second grade. Exactly.


Recycled Art Girl said...

I think you are getting that dragon fly flower piece for your next birthday. It screams you and all. Also, you can tell you are gearing up for GRE take II and I am procrastinating the end of my first grad school course. Love youtube.

Emmy said...

Actually, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I wrote all these entries up on SUNDAY and postdated them. Also, I hope you know that if you buy me that dragonfly purse, you're dead to me. FYI.