Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh HEY EVERYONE. Today, we're going to apprise you of more hot people on tv. Well, one more anyway. To watch sex-ay Rufus Sewell as brilliant biophysicist Dr. Jacob Hood (genius is SO HOT, people), you'll have to tune in to CBS on Thursdays at 10 and watch Eleventh Hour.

Sadly, we have to say that the actual show is not so amazing. We feel that there is a glaring lack of chemistry between the two main characters, probably due to the awkward, sex kitten-y way his costar is playing her FBI agent character. Also, the episodes are way too preachy for my taste. Still, who even cares about that when you can watch Rufus Sewell? You could always just put your tv on mute and TAKE IN THE VIEW. Oh yeah.

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