Sunday, November 23, 2008

Did someone say 'pic spam'?

Okay, actually, that was me. We here at Lucky Ball Charms generally don't post picspams because we're KIND OF lazy about picture collecting too sophisticated for all that, but that sure doesn't stop us from posting links to that kind of thing. So here is a link to a post at an amazing livejournal called The Obscure Brit Actors Squee Consortium where you can enjoy a picspam featuring Stephen Campbell Moore of Bright Young Things and The History Boys. And I'm using that Bright Young Things pic mostly because I just REALLY WISH I could wear some kind of FABULOUS between-the-wars head gear like Emily Mortimer is wearing in it. I mean, I would wear it around the house, to the grocery store, to WORK--it would be amazing.

1 comment:

E said...

BYT... sigh. best. movie. ever.

unfortunately, I spent the week after seeing it incapable of speaking like a normal human being. instead, I described things as "delightfully dull" or "so dreadfully delicious."