Friday, June 6, 2008

Sharing the wealth...

One morning over a delectable breakfast of scones and clotted cream, Emmy and E reflected upon their previous evening’s salon. Per usual, the men in attendance were equal parts handsome, charming, witty, and clever. The atmosphere had been lively—-again, not out of the ordinary for the ladies’ little soirees. And the food, as always, was exceptional (Emmy and E prided themselves on the culinary excellence of their events). Yet, in the midst of all the revelry, the beautiful and noble-minded women each had experienced the same nagging thought. Did they have a duty to those less fortunate than themselves, a responsibility to share the blessings of their charmed existence with the wider citizenry?

As the morning sun cast a flattering soft light across their faces, Emmy and E discussed their humanitarian musings of the night before. More importantly for everyone else, the ladies discussed how they might exercise said impulses to the maximum benefit of the masses.

After long, careful consideration of how they might best impact the greater good (with a minimum of inconvenience to themselves, naturally), Emmy and E settled on a truly agreeable solution. The especially entertaining and/or enlightening bits from their nightly salons would be shared with the greater population, all done in so circumspect a manner as to protect the privacy of their guests. In this way, the ladies could help assuage the hunger for truly good society by a public too large either to be invited or ignored, without compromising the élan and good taste of their salon.

This delicious bit of inspiration satisfied the women’s acute sense of noblesse oblige; after all, to whom much has been given and all that. They could retire to their afternoon naps with consciences comfortable once more. And so, with generous hearts, stunning good looks, and exquisite fashion sense, Emmy and E share the wealth.

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