Sunday, December 7, 2008

Everything old is new again.

One time, my little brother was supposed to come up with a story and illustrate it for a class at school, and it would get made into a little book, complete with a dedication page and a title page and all that, using this mini printing press that the school had just purchased for the upper elementary grades. So, Little Brother just unleashes his creative powers and "writes" 3 Ninjas, which, amazingly, was strikingly similar in plot to a movie of the same name that had just recently been released. Oh, ALSO, it was Little Brother's favorite movie. I know, right? What a COINCIDENCE! Little Brother even had the SAME NAME as one of his characters in his version of original work, 3 Ninjas! What are the odds??

It's sort of like user notsomuch2say with her Twilight/The Notebook crossover, creatively entitled The Notebook. Let's just take a quick look at her synopsis:

twilight/notebook crossover. Bella is the daughter of a rich business man and falls in love with a country boy, Edward. Will their summer love ensure [sic]? BASED ON THE MOVIE. CANON PAIRINGS.

Gee, I wonder what's going to happen. I hope their love ensures. Also, I am SO GLAD there are canon pairings. I wouldn't want notsomuch2say (clearly) to be too OUT THERE with her creativity, or anything.

"I know what you are! ...OR DO I? I have some vague idea of a meadow and sparkly skin like diamonds. Say, how come you never wrote to me during the war? "


Recycled Art Girl said...

I guarantee drama ensures. LOL. Fanfiction is the best.

Emmy said...

Yes, but how can you possibly be SURE that their love ENSURES? It's not like this story has been seen anywhere before or anything...