Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Possibly the Greatest Movie of 1987.

A lot of great movies were released in 1987: Ernest Goes to Camp, The Brave Little Toaster, Benji the Hunted, TEEN WOLF TOO (Hello, people!). That's quite a list, but I think there's a film that is usually completely overlooked that is actually the greatest film of that year. Yes, that's right--the greatest movie of 1987 was obviously The Chipmunk Adventure. Don't believe me? Just watch this clip and tell me I'm wrong:

I loved this song so much that when this movie played on tv in the 90s, I held my tape recorder's mic up to the tv speaker to record it onto a tape and have it to KEEP FOREVER (and also to play it over and over and memorize the words so I could act out this scene accurately). You can experience this amazing movie in 6 parts on YouTube. You know you want to.

P.S. Okay, okay--FINE. We can go ahead and three-way tie The Chipmunk Adventure with The Princess Bride and Adventures in Babysitting for The Greatest Movie of 1987. That seems pretty reasonable...

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