Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Get in the car, or I'm telling M on you.

I went to see Quantum of Solace last night, and I was not impressed. I mean, I know James Bond movies are not exactly reality-based, and YET, sometimes, it just gets a little too ridiculous. For instance, I'm SURE that if M were REALLY WORRIED about Bond having gone off the rails, killing at random in the streets of Port au Prince--I'm SURE she's would send someone who looks like this to collect him:

Don't get me wrong, here--the actress, Gemma Arterton, is lovely, but what's with the styling here? Why doesn't M just see if Molly Ringwald is available to collect 007? Especially in that outfit. I mean, nothing says 'I am authoritative' like being naked under a trench coat. Here is Agent Fields looking WAY authoritative:

That's RIGHT, James Bond. Agent Fields is going to, like, TAKE YOUR NAME for when the teacher comes back, so you'd BETTER listen to her. Agent Fields has PERFECT ATTENDANCE, so all the teachers love her.

Also, is it too much to ask for a little BANTER in a seduction scene now? I mean, Bond says one funny little line to Agent Fields and the next thing we see is this:

Uh, take that, James Bond! Agent Fields is FOR REAL serious. You'd better get in the car, or she's telling M on you. ...I mean, right after you do that kisses-along-the-spine thing one more time. THEN, boy, you'd better watch yourself...


E said...

emmy, let's be honest. she's wearing a trench coat. how could she NOT be authoritative and more than capable of bringing in rogue super spy bond?

I agree. james bond in q of s sort of felt like jason bourne in an immaculately tailored suit--"I can kill you 27 different ways with my hangnail alone."

Emmy said...

You're right, E. Her trench coat didn't even have any ruffles on it. Also, good call for this bond movie being like bourne identity.